First prize
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Grand Prize: ”Wall of Growth”

By Havas Lemz

An interactive digital wall that gives everybody in The Netherlands the opportunity to mark their height and donate. Everybody who marks their height on this wall, donates their height in euros. This donation will provide nourishing food for children worldwide. For example, someone that is 1.79 meter donates €1.79. Of course, you can also choose to donate your height multiple times.

Second prize
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2nd Place: ”Useless Billboards”

By Indie amsterdam

For Schoonenberg the unused billboards at construction sites are the perfect way to reach a very specific audience. Let’s use the now unused OOH media to promote Schoonenberg’s professional ear protection solutions to the people that need it most: the construction workers at the site. With a unique creative insight, OOH print can still surprise and innovate. The campaign uses OOH locations in a smart way, making it 100% relevant for the locations. No people outside the target audience can even see the campaign. By hyper-targeting our audience in a creative way we generate a big impact.

Third prize
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3d Place: ”Ride like the Dutch”

By Dept

This campaign will charm locals by encouraging tourists to Ride like the Dutch. Creating Dutch cycling wisdoms in a tourism-friendly way. The campaign will use hyperlocal (D)OOH as proverbial training wheels, to safely navigate tourists around cities. We will do so in classic print OOH as well as innovative DOOH. Where data shows a high-risk of incidents (around busy crossings, tram lines and narrow canals) we will turn OOH billboards into contextual bike tips for tourists.